All of us at Baroni happily greet the season with open arms, and look forward to the changes it will bring. We continue to design jewelry with our heroes in mind; the moms, the yogis, the marathoners, the teachers, the artists, the surfers, the writers, the gardeners – celebrating the playful, the strong, and the beautiful people who wear our jewelry and shine – from the inside out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Luxury at Be On Park

The sheer beauty of jewelry store, Be On Park in Winter Park, Florida, invites us all to take a walk through the gorgeous gallery halls decorated with many well known jewelry designers.  Baroni is proud to be featured at Be On Park in the company of many other designer jewelry brands. 
Founders and longtime friends Janice Blumberg and Matina Saltsman have combined their concerted vision along with a gathering of the most beautiful collections to create the most wonderful jewelry store in the Southeast.
Owners Janice Blumberg and Matina Saltsman

Both have a mutual love of both beautiful things and the natural outdoors. Be On Park's collections incorporate exquisite blends of the finest elements and textures found in nature. A great amount of time and attention has been dedicated towards selecting the most interesting and beautiful designer collections.

Janice's favorite Baroni jewelry is the Gypsy Girl collection which features cut stones in beautiful silver and gold settings. "Baroni fits in well with our Designers, is great for gifts and appeals to many age groups", says Janice.  She also appreciates the finish, quality and the ease of working with Baroni.

Visitors to Be On Park will be impressed with the prestige of the store, the great customer service that includes gift wrapping, and the warmth of the inviting atmosphere that draws your eyes to the wonderful treasures lying within the jewelry cases. Be On Park is working on launching their online web store soon--so keep a lookout at http://www.beonpark.com/.  And whenever you are in the Orlando area, be sure to stop in and say hello.

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