All of us at Baroni happily greet the season with open arms, and look forward to the changes it will bring. We continue to design jewelry with our heroes in mind; the moms, the yogis, the marathoners, the teachers, the artists, the surfers, the writers, the gardeners – celebrating the playful, the strong, and the beautiful people who wear our jewelry and shine – from the inside out.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baroni Makes Donation to Japanese Tsunami Relief

All of us at Baroni are so excited at the success of our Healing Pendant designed by Sarah Baroni to help raise funds for the Japanese Tsunami Relief. 

Baroni has made a donation of $7,846 to Direct Relief International from proceeds from the sale of the Healing Pendants.  We came close to our goal of $10,000!  Direct Relief has donated over $2.4 million so far towards the tsunami relief.

Thank you to all who have purchased the Healing Pendant to help us make this wonderful donation.

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