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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quiet sacredness found in India

The elephant, a sacred animal in India, almost always brightly decorated.

India. it is often said there is no place like it and I find that indisputable.  Each day brings new adventures and sights– walks in the crowded marketplace, Indian wedding processions, elephants, camels and cows on the streets.

I wrote this journal entry by candlelight on a cool, Indian night while traveling recently to Jaipur, India. The stars were bright and I sipped on sweet masala tea, listening to blaring horns in the distance, fireworks, wedding music and peacock cries. Smells of curry, mint, and flowers filled me with a sense of peace I hadn’t yet found in this shockingly loud, crowded city. 

Amidst the cacophony of noise, the barrage of smells, and explosive colors, there is a quiet sacredness to this very special place. Ganesh graces every doorway and sweet incense fills the air of every home and shop.   

Sarah and Baroni manager Todd Merrill in India
Women buying brightly colored materials for sarongs and saris.
Mostly what I came to love in India was the gentleness of the people, the sacredness that prevails, the folded hands and bowed heads and the namaste greetings. The light in me bows to the light in you. Can it get more beautiful than an entire nation greeting each other in such a way? The adornments…an endless inspiration. Jewel tone colors grace every Indian woman, impossible hues of emerald, magenta, yellow, orange, ambers. Every woman, rich or poor, was graced with an assortment of toe rings, ankle cuffs in tribal patterns, gold big necklaces and bangles, bangles in every color piled up their arms. They looked so beautiful, the colors sparkling against their rich skin, their eyes bright behind their scarves, I could hardly look away.  

India is a place where the heart opens, the senses embrace and life is rich and so colorful.  I was so grateful to be home for the holidays but someday, I look forward to returning for more. 


Sarah outside the Taj Mahal

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  1. Sarah,

    I love your description of India. I, too, was marveled by the beauty of this place on earth. The rich culture and ancient lifestyle was so impressive to me. The colors, the cows wandering the street,the smiles, the music and dancing on T.V. in the hotel, Seeing a whole family riding on a motorcycle and the only one who is wearing a helmet is the driver (not his wife and 5 year old and 2 year old - ???),the grand Taj Ma Hal dedicated to love with a tragic twist, the love and practice of eating,laughing and dancing, the love for God, any God, their celebration of something so deep, profound and ancient being expressed easily everyday in everyday things. India is such a lovely place. I recommend that everyone spend some time there. Thanks for sharing your experience. It brought back wonderful memories for me and I am glad you had a great trip!