All of us at Baroni happily greet the season with open arms, and look forward to the changes it will bring. We continue to design jewelry with our heroes in mind; the moms, the yogis, the marathoners, the teachers, the artists, the surfers, the writers, the gardeners – celebrating the playful, the strong, and the beautiful people who wear our jewelry and shine – from the inside out.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baroni teams up with stylish boutique in New Hampshire

Alapage customers love jewelry from the Santosha Collection.
If you're from the great state of New Hampshire, or plan to travel there soon, don't miss the opportunity to check out Alapage, a contemporary, upscale boutique in Bedford. Alapage has been a friend of Baroni for 15 years and carries clothing, jewelry, accessories and even a "jean bar" with the largest selection of denim north of Boston.

Lisa Gavin of Alapage talked about her customers love for Baroni:

We are doing very well with the “Santosha Silver” and the “Del Corazon” Baroni lines right now.  Our customers love the spiritual essence and sculptural feel of these groups.  The “Baroni Initials” line also continues to be strong for us as our customers love to create and personalize their own necklaces and bracelets."  
We have been carrying Baroni for as long as I can remember…maybe 15 years or more. At first, our focus was on their classic affordable silver designs that incorporated pearls and colorful gems stones.  
We continue to carry Baroni because, like us, their style has evolved and grown with our customer.  Baroni offers a clean contemporary sculptural look that we and our customers are drawn to and love.
Our partnership with Baroni began a long time ago and we are pleased to continue to carry a name that our customers know and enjoy.  We appreciate Baron’s consistent creative growth.  We look forward to many more years of working together!
 At this point, we do not sell online but we do showcase our lines on our Facebook page and on our blog on our website:  http://www.alapageboutique.com/

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