All of us at Baroni happily greet the season with open arms, and look forward to the changes it will bring. We continue to design jewelry with our heroes in mind; the moms, the yogis, the marathoners, the teachers, the artists, the surfers, the writers, the gardeners – celebrating the playful, the strong, and the beautiful people who wear our jewelry and shine – from the inside out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finding Inspiration in Colorado

It is always an honor to be featured in a magazine whose message we support so strongly. Last month we were featured in Yoga International. We are leaving next week for the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park Colorado where we go to play and to exhibit our jewelry. It is personally my favorite show of the year and though I won’t be able to attend this year, I remember it fondly from years past. It is in the Rockies, which dazzle me every time l visit; each time I arrive it is like seeing them for the first time. It is hard to remember how incredibly beautiful and inspiring a place it is. 
It is a week filled with goodness and beauty – quiet early nights, morning meditations, lots of yoga, great food and pampering.  It is also a community filled with like spirits in many ways.  I often tell my yoga students that we all come to yoga for different reasons, but we eventually find a deeper part of ourselves in the process. 
For those of you familiar with baroni, you know that many of our designs are inspired by yoga, eastern traditions, Sanskrit mantras and more.  But mostly, our jewelry is inspired by this open place we find in our hearts.  It is this place where creativity flows.  At each yoga show we feel blessed to be surrounded by this community of like minded people: people with a conscience, people who care about themselves, the earth and others.  I truly believe that yoga and it’s ancient teachings, can and will slowly change the world.  It is not surprising that here we find ‘our people” more than any other show.  Here we find people who truly resonate with our designs.
We are grateful to all the support and love we receive at the yoga conference shows.  Our booth is always rockin’, filled with great energy, enthusiasm and delight.  It is so inspiring for us.  For those of you who are going this year, we invite you to stop by and see us.