All of us at Baroni happily greet the season with open arms, and look forward to the changes it will bring. We continue to design jewelry with our heroes in mind; the moms, the yogis, the marathoners, the teachers, the artists, the surfers, the writers, the gardeners – celebrating the playful, the strong, and the beautiful people who wear our jewelry and shine – from the inside out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Family, Inspiration, Sunshine in January

There is nothing like the Caribbean. The lush compilation of islands with white sand and turquoise waters. It slows us down and make us appreciate everything in our lives.

Each year in January, my girls and I meet 23 members of our family at St. Croix on the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a gift to have a week with the people we love. The week was filled with laughs, long walks and runs, yoga on the beach, making sandcastles and exploring the beautiful island.

My worries shed off my shoulders. I became inspired and creative, reaching a part of my soul that is often difficult to access in daily life. We, of course, talked about jewelry.

We tried out some of my new collections.
I love seeing my pieces on different people. All wear them in their own way, bringing them to life. It makes the pieces uniquely theirs. Everyone shines.

As sad as I was to see the week end and say goodbye to my family and St. Croix friends, I am also happy to come home. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place and have the ability to visit other inspiring places.
I brought with me lots of pretty shells, hundreds of pictures and, of course, many new design ideas to work with. I found it is important to be inspired by newness.

There is nothing like traveling to do so.

-Sarah Baroni

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